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The Special Offers for August include the large Starter kits with all 150 samples at a 10% discount.

If you haven’t got a full kit yet, this is worth going for.

My personal preference is for the 150 Kit, the full stationery pack has items I don’t use.
If you want to arrange your kit in a more logical order don’t forget you can download index strips to go between the rows here

Look for the Sample Case Labels half way down the page.

These come with both numerical order strips, makes it easy to find samples and identify out-of-stock samples, and in Fragrance Wheel order so you can identify which perfumes have similar fragrances.  Both are colour coded
I took advantage of the last time this discount was offered and have both!

This is the front of the new Unleash Your Dreams leaflet FM have produced.  It’s available for download from the company website but not yet available to buy.

It’s a 5-fold leaflet that we can’t print ourselves, so I have converted it to a Trifold leaflet that I print on both sides of an Ar sheet, fold into 3 and hand out.

If you also can’t stand waiting for new toys, you can download it here

This is just for use until the printed version is available.

Prize Draws

There are regulations about prize draws, you can find more info here
Organising small lotteries – November 2009

and in their leaflet

Running a lottery – November 2009

But it seems you cannot fundraise without a license, and the draw must be made as part of the event, and all the proceeds must go to the winner.

The easy way is to buy a book of lottery tickets, sell them for £1 a time, customer gets ticket, stub goes into draw box.

When all the tickets have been sold or the event is about to close, the draw is made and the winning ticket is drawn and the holder claims all the proceeds as their prize.

Another way is for the customer to choose an entry into the draw.  For this I have produced a list of 36 FM perfumes.

I print them on Avery 36 per page labels so the customer can peel off their choice.  I stick it on a card with their contact info and put it in the draw.

If the draw is at a party, where everyone knows everyone, that’s all you need, pass around the sticky label sheet and sell blank contact cards for £1 each (Want your own party? on the back) and get back 36 entries for the draw.  Get someone to select and announce the winner and give them a gift token for the amount sold.

I make the gift token for 10% more than the money taken so I’m squeaky clean and cannot be charged with making money from the draw.

If the draw is at an event and the customer may not be there when the draw is made, I stick the same sticker from a second sheet on an info card that they keep as a receipt and so that they have my contact info.

If you are doing an event and have sold all the tickets, and given out the prize gift token, you pull out the makeup stickers, or the skin care stickers or the home care stickers and start all over again.

Free offers

Vistaprint email me with special offers every month and I usually browse through them looking for inspiration. This month I spotted free postcard sized fridge magnets. I looked at the options and this pictured jumped out at me, and I thought that’s a picture of an FM distributor dead chuffed that she found FM. So I added the text and logo and there it was.
They stick on cars, lamposts, handdryers, and lots of other places. I’ve also added it to the posters on the FM Tools DVD

Although you can send potential distributors to the FM website, it is not ideal and it is possible to lose your contacts to other distributors.

So some distributors have set up a general website for all distributors to use.

The website is not fully finished yet, but it will give you an idea of what will be available.
You can email or message  the site address to a potential distributor and they will have to come back to you for more info.

As you will see, the video link is not there yet.
It doesn’t look as if it can capture email addresses and looks safe to send your contacts to, but don’t forget to follow up.

John Bain

Want to see how the professionals do it?  These photos are from the Nuance section of the Duty Free at Sidney airport.

Travellers can use Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel – approved by fragrance houses and perfumers – to match the style that best suits them with their favourite brand. They select the type of fragrance they like, and three similar ones will be recommended. The store’s colour-coded ticketing system makes it easier to locate the chosen fragrance

We can do exactly the same, ask the customer for their favourites, identify which sections of the Fragrance Wheel they like best, and recommend 3 FM perfumes from that section.

A new makeup catalogue comes out at the end of the month and a new fragrance catalogue follows a few weeks later.  There will be new products and some products will be discontinued.

These products are offered at a 30% discount.

R001 Mineral Blush Bronze
R002 Mineral Blush Pink

FM: 310, 311, 312

FM: 156, 159, 288, 290

FM: 234

All those products are being discontinued so if you or your customers like them,  buy now to avoid disappointment.  It’s a good reason to contact old customers.
Products on offer are not refundable and not exchangeable.
Offer valid only while stocks last.

Styling Change

FM is changing the styling of some of their toiletries and offering old styling stock at 40% discount.

W have 2 options,

1: Just add to our own stock and pocket the difference, or

2: Make up a sales campaign offering the old style products at a discount while stocks last.

The choice is up to you.

You can see part of my sales campaign here

Feel free to copy anything you like.
Note, I hate the odd penny prices so round my prices up.

The Numbers Game

How much money do you make when someone says “NO!, I’m not interested”.

The obvious answer is none, but that’s not true, as we’ll show you now.

Rejections are good.

The top seller in the UK is proud of the fact that he gets more rejections than anyone else.  But that doesn’t sound right does it?  How can the top seller get more  rejections?

Because he talks to more people than anyone else!

When you start out in this business, you probably won’t be very good at talking to people so your success rate will probably be about 1 in 10.  In other words, for every 10 people you talk to, 9 will say no and you will make one sale.  The top seller in the UK, with personal sales of about 17,000 points a month, believes he has reached a success rate of about 5 in 10, but that is because he has honed his technique over time and knows how to talk to people to get results.

So let’s see how much a rejection is worth to you.

Let’s assume you’re new to the business, not sure about your products, not happy ‘selling’ and as a result, your success rate is 1 in 10.

So you talk to 10 people, get 9 rejections and one sale, and that is for let’s say £20 worth of products.  Let’s also assume that after expenses you end up with £5 profit on that sale.  These figures are just to give us easy numbers.

Now you had to get those 9 rejections to get that sale, so each of those rejections was worth 50p to you.

Every time someone said “No Thanks”, you made 50p.

It’s not the sales that build your business, it’s the rejections

Do you want to earn  an extra £20 a month from your direct sales?

Just talk to an extra 40 people a month.  That’s less than 2 people a day!  Anyone can do that!  40 rejections at 50p a time gives you £20 for the month.  So every time someone says “No Thanks”, smile, you’ve just added 50p to your profits for the month.  Now go and get another rejection and another 50p.

And as you talk to more people and gain in confidence, your success rate will go up.   The top seller earns £2.50 every time someone says “No Thanks” to him.

If you want an extra £100 a month just talk to an extra 100x50p/30 =7  people a day.

So what’s your personal success rate and how much does a rejection earn for you?

Just tot up everyone you’ve spoken to and every sale you’ve made.

There’s a spreadsheet here to help you


More information on this here